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This is a audio training program designed to teach people how to remove spirits/ghosts, demons, and dark forces. For more information or to purchase, visit the main website:


released August 1, 2011

This audio program will teach you:

• How to easily remove every type of dark force/demon and spirit in existence with step by step instructions.
• How to clear and remove dark forces and spirits from people at a distance. (remote clearing)
• How to check yourself and other people for spirit and/or dark force entity attachments.
• How to verify the removal of dark forces and spirits.
• How to clear your home, car, large spaces of land, and pets of attached entities.
• How to remove and clear negative thought programs (subconscious negative programming), implants/energetic cords with entities and people, and dark portals (energy portals) from your body and home/space.
• How to not pick up entities and what lifestyle changes you need to make in order for that to happen.
• How human souls (spirits) become trapped on earth and why they need energy from people.
• How to realign/un-reverse the body's natural electrical system (polarity) and higher the energetic frequency/vibration of the body using a secret method pioneered by a master herbalist.
• How to higher your energy levels and have a stronger energy field and more personal power within yourself.
• How to remove curses (spiritual intrusions), spells (black magic), and energetic cords and psychic cords with people.
• How to protect your energy from being absorbed and stolen by other people (energy/psychic vampires).
• How to develop your intuition.
• How to work with archangels, ascended masters, and angelic help for healing.
• How to help your soul grow and more.

This removal method was developed and discovered by master healer and teacher John Livingston.
John Livingston is a hypnotherapist, master exorcist, and shamanic healer who has worked with removing dark forces and spirits for more than 30 years. John Livingston was given this method through his work with the spirit realm. Peter Michael was given permission to teach John Livingston's work to others in order to help people understand how dark forces and spirits affect our health.

This removal method is non-religious based. It is based on advanced level angel healing techniques. It is regarded as one of the most advanced level and easiest to use methods of removing dark forces and/or spirits. It is used by many highly trained healers. It requires very little time, energy or effort. It is extremely simple and easy to do that anyone who wishes to do it can do it. All that is required is your own higher self and the ability to use your own power without any fear. All spirit attachments and dark forces removed with this method are directed to the proper place where they are needed to go. They are never able to return or come back to this world.

This audio program is 1 hour long, and contains various talks about dark force and spirit attachment, the removal method, and other useful information. It also includes a removal guide (small booklet) to assist you with the removal process.



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Spiritual Clearing | The Removal of Dark Entities/Demons & Spirits/Ghosts Los Angeles, California

Peter Michael is an angel healer, clearer of entity attachments, and teacher of entity removal/ spirit releasement/ exorcism.

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